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Take the Journey Back To Me
A 40-Day Guided Journey Back to Your True Self.
Receive Guidance, Encouragement, Inspiration & Education from Freedom Coach & Oracle, Gina Gayle Gray.

If you are in a state of overwhelm and are feeling Lost, Trapped or Empty, finding your way back to your True Self can seem unlikely.  You may be living every day out of balance, out of control & out of time.  No matter where you are on your life path you can begin the worthwhile Journey Back To Me any day you choose.  I can guide you back to feeling Balanced, Composed & Revitalized so you can connect with your True Self.


Journey Back To Me Program Highlights

Learn how to work with your physical body to repair, prepare & energize it for the JourneyGet off the emotional rollercoaster, unpack your baggage & start feeling your emotions so they can flow. Master simple techniques to transform negative thoughts to constructive creative thinking & tame your monkey mind. Empower yourself to determine The Journey Back To Me is worthwhile & prepare to welcome home your True Self.

Kevin J, Ft. Worth, TX

“I took the Journey Back To Me with Gina starting with her guided detox and cleanse during the first 10 days.  I felt great after that and definitely reconnected to my physical self!  Her coaching and Emotion Code sessions throughout the program were key to my success.  I have continued to work with Gina and consider her part of my team because she's always there for me when I need her support.  She's a great Coach and I plan to take the Journey at least once a year."

Mary B, Puerto Morelos, MX

"I took the Journey Back To Me with a group and it was a life-changing experience for me!  The support and guidance I received during the 40 days from Gina was exactly what I needed.  The group support in the daily feed was a nice experience to share with others.  When my heart wall came down during Emotion Code sessions, I truly reconnected with my True Self and everyone in my life took notice!  It was an empowering Journey Back To Me!"

Deanna V, Toronto, Canada

"I highly recommend taking the Journey Back To Me with Gina!  The experience I shared with others in the group was a beautiful one.  The attention given to my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self was greatly needed.  I learned to honor myself and commit to self-healing with Gina's amazing support and guidance.  As recommended, I have taken this Journey Back To Me three times, going deeper each time, and will do it again  because I know I'm worth it!"

My Commitment to You


I have come to realize the importance of not only surviving, but Shining!  In order to shine brightly, we must be able to believe in our True Highest Self and most people need help remembering who we are at our very Source.   I am here to help others remember their True Self and I know and believe that if I CAN, YOU CAN, and together, WE CAN!  I'd love the opportunity to co-create with you in your personal journey to FREEDOM because FREEDOM is what we are all in need of today.  --  Gina

Journey Episode 6: Spirit Body

Journey Episode 6: Spirit Body

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4 Maps in 40 Days to Guide You Home

Physical Body Map #1

One problem overwhelmed people have is they are unhappy with their physical fitness, health, energy, motivation, or will power.  They desire physical fitness, health, vitality, personal power, and self control over consuming food, drinks, and substances.  My Physical Body Map will guide you to repairing, preparing and energizing your physical body for the Journey Back To Me.  The key to this map is to start where you are.  I will guide you to your own internal resources where all the solutions to health, vitality and well-being exist.  I was able to keep my son alive for 7 years when his prognosis was 2 weeks by taking charge of his physical well-being using this Map to our own internal resources.  We used it to continue our Journey together for many years and I can guide you as you embark upon your personal Journey Back To Me.  This is the Map that answers the question, "What am I here to DO?"   Learn more...

Emotional Body Map #2

Another problem overwhelmed people experience is feeling lost, trapped, or empty.  They have lost control over their emotions, are only feeling negative emotions, or they have lost the ability to feel anything at all.  They would like to be able to respond rather than react to events and circumstances; they would enjoy some good emotions; and most of all, would benefit from having the flow of feelings return to their energetic body.  My Emotional Body Map will guide you toward the exit ramp to get off of the emotional rollercoaster.  Then you can unpack your baggage and start to feel your feelings flowing through your emotional body as you continue your worthwhile Journey Back To Me.  The key to this Map is to realize that our feelings have not created our problems.  Not feeling our feelings has.  I can guide you back to your True Self using this Map.  This is the Map that answers the question, "What am I here to FEEL?"  Learn more...

Mental Body Map #3

An additional common problem overwhelmed people have is difficulty controlling their negative thinking along with never-ending mind chatter and uncontrollable haunting memories or "what' ifs".  What they would like to have instead is to be able to think positive thoughts, have peace of mind which involves taming their "monkey mind" and to be free of memories and worst case scenarios that do not serve the Highest Self.  The key to my Mental Body Map is to learn how to transform negative thinking patterns into constructive creative ones.  There are simple Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques that can be learned and easily put into use to regain control of your thoughts every day.  This can lead to intellectual empowerment as you begin to create new beliefs which inspires change and growth in the direction of your True Self.  This is the Map that answers the question, "What am I here to THINK?"   Learn more...

Soul Body Map #4

The journey into the Soul Body is one that every human being must take before transforming into Light.  Having a guide and my Soul Body Map will help you to remember who you really are, and that you are not separate from anyone else, including your Source.  So often, overwhelmed people are suffering feeling lost, trapped or empty because they always show up for everyone else and neglect themselves.  It's a common belief that A Higher Power will take care of caring people, which is true, but . . . the mistake is in believing the Higher Power is external rather than internal.  When you learn to use my Soul Body Map to step inside your own heart center, you will discover the greatest treasure awaiting you.  And, you will recognize your True Self when you reunite with them!  This is when you transform from Overwhelm to Balance, Composure & Vitality.  This is the Map that answers the question, "What am I here to BE?"   Learn more...

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