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About Mind Body & Soul

Anywhere Mind Body & Soul is about helping people create physical, emotional and intellectual FREEDOM in their lives so they can become and enjoy their True Highest Self. This becomes possible when people are guided toward their own inner resources using Wholistic modalities to balance their mental, physical, and emotional bodies.


When we are struggling to find balance, we can step inside ourselves to find answers and create solutions rather than reach for a prescription, or a bottle of poison or some other toxin to mask or pacify our symptoms. The physical body and the energetic ones must be in balance and integrated every day in order to live in the FREEDOM of our True Highest Self. 

You know how everybody's story has a few bad chapters?  Well if you need help writing an ending for yours and creating a new one, I can help!  I am uniquely qualified to help others create intellectual, physical and emotional FREEDOM.  I am especially passionate about helping people who are in a constant state of overwhelm where they're feeling lost, trapped, or empty. Healing the emotional wound caused by grief is my speciality.


In 2019, I suffered tremendous loss in my life when my 23-year old son, Spencer, transformed into Light.  I then learned a powerful truth about grief--that it's a time to let go of everything you thought you were here to be and do.  Shortly after he left, my entire world unravelled as my life fragmented and spiraled for over a year.  I was able to endure the fire of dealing with everything I created in my life during that period because I believe that when we find ourselves in hell, the best thing to do is to keep going.  Many experiences throughout Spencer's life taught me this lesson well.


I was able to survive this intense part of my life's journey because I determined "The Journey Back To Me" was a worthwhile one.  I learned how to nurture my mental, physical, and emotional bodies to create integrated Balance, Composure and Vitality in each of them.  After Spencer left, I became a Practitioner of The Emotion Code after becoming Certified in 2019. I later learned Biofield Tuning and became a Practitioner, and have "fused" these techniques to offer my clients a unique emotional energy clearing and cleaning session experience. I was led to this energy work by Spencer shortly after he transformed into Light.  To do this work, I needed to be able to speak to people telepathically in order to communicate with them on a subconscious level.  I had 23 years of intense training in this area because Spencer never spoke words.  We communicated very clearly with silent thought-sharing, and I learned to "Listen To His Silence". He and I have since written a book called "Listen to the Silence--Messages & Miracles from Spencer Who Never Spoke Words". The book can be purchased from all major book sellers in audiobook or print form. You can also visit to learn more about this creation.

A New Chapter of FREEDOM

Becoming Certified as an NLP Integration Coach & Counselor and an NLP Master Practitioner allowed me to create Anywhere Mind Body & Soul where I could offer my services as a FREEDOM Coach & Counselor to help others,  particularly people who are constantly overwhelmed and are feeling lost, trapped or empty due to intense grief. I now guide others back to Balance, Composure and Vitality which leads to FREEDOM within their own Mind Body & Soul.


It is my sincere desire at this point in my journey to give back to those who are in service to others because I lived a life of having someone special completely dependent upon me for 23 yrs.  My experience helped me to realize the profound nature of the concept "intimately interrelated".  It defined my relationship with my son, Spencer, when he was incarnated, and it continues to apply because we remain intimately interrelated now that he has transformed into Light.  Our energetic bodies are forever Gratefully Connected to each other and we will continue to work together to help others.    -- Gina, Freedom Coach & Oracle

Meet Gina, Freedom Coach & Oracle



Services • Retreats 

Programs • Packages


All 1-1 In Person or Online

NLP Coaching & Counseling

(1 hr)................................$102.00 per session


NLP Coaching w/ Emotion Code

(1.5 hrs)...............................$153.00 per session


Emotion Code Energy Cleaning

(45 min)..................................$51.00 per session


Biofield Tuning Energy Clearing

(1 hr)......................................$99.00 per session


Biofield Tuning w/ Emotion Code

(1.5 hrs)................................$150.00 per session


Coaching & Counseling x 3................$255.00

Coaching w/ Emotion Code x 3.....$372..00

Emotion Code x 3.........................................$126.00

Biofield Tuning x 3.....................................$246.00

Tuning w/ Emotion Code x 3...........$375.00


Coaching & Counseling x 6...............$510.00

Coaching w/ Emotion Code x 6....$765.00

Emotion Code x 6......................................$255.00

Biofield Tuning x 6.....................................$495.00

Tuning w/ Emotion Code x 6...........$750.00


5 Days & Nights room & meals in El Tuito, Mexico......................................$1,800.00

5-Day Retreat 40-Day Journey

5 Coaching w/ Emotion Code Sessions, 1 Biofield Tuning Session, and Daily inspirational support.

Each day will be focused on your wholistic health and well-being.  All activities are grounded in movement and inspiration intended to nurture your Mind, Body & Soul.  All meals, drinks & snacks will be made with nourishing organic REAL foods. 


Daily group activities will include guided Sunrise Yoga, Pranayama, Egyptian XiGong, Gemstone & Crystal Study, Gene Keys Activation Sequence, Hiking, Foraging, Earthing, Mindfulness, and Star, Sun & Moon Gazing! 


You will also receive private sessions of NLP Coaching for your Mind, Wholistic Nutrition Coaching for your Body, and Biofield Tuning & Emotion Code for your Spirit Soul.




Online Group Program..........................$444.00

Online Group Program includes 5 Group Share & Support Coaching Sessions; 4 Private Coaching w/ Emotion Code Sessions; 40 Daily Inspirational Support Sessions.  Are you worth $11/per day?  Now is the time to sign up to take the Journey Back To Me!


When we work together,

I will strive to


Ask • Listen • Solve


if you will strive to


Decide • Commit • Succeed


Gina has been helping others who seek mental balance since earning her Degree in Psychology in 1984.  She later studied Counseling Psychology and then became a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Certified Integration Life Coach.  She also earned her Certification to practice Biofield Tuning, became an Emotion Code Practitioner and earned her David Wolfe Wholistic Nutrition Coach Certification. As a support professional, she now utilizes NLP coaching for your Mind; Natural Health & Wholistic Nutrition Coaching for your Body; and Biofield Tuning & Emotion Code Energy clearing and cleaning for your Soul. These are the services she offers through her business, Anywhere Mind Body & Soul.

Gina has spent her entire life knowing the value of FREEDOM. Helping others remember this is now her passion! She says, “She is the force with the power to make her own choices and create her own reality in every aspect of her life—Mind, Body & Soul!” This is what she wants for everyone. In her words, “Freedom is a powerful concept that is meant for all human beings to enjoy”. She’s passionate about helping others remember who they are at their inner source—their Soul—because she knows that’s where the creative power is. Empowering others at this time of great need is Gina’s Soul Purpose, and in her work, she guides her clients to “Soul-U-tions” which are answers coming directly from the Soul.

Gina's 23 yr-journey with her son, Spencer, prepared her well and taught her valuable wisdom regarding the gift of unconditional Love that's shared between two people who are Gratefully Connected. The knowledge she received while her son was incarnate was communicated without spoken words because Spencer lived his life as a non-verbal communicator. When Spencer transformed into Light, Gina’s gifts of clairaudience, clairempathy, clairsentience, and claircognizance blossomed. She’s now uniquely qualified—with the help of her “Spirits, Guides & Guards”—to help others find their way home.

In her coaching practice, Anywhere Mind Body & Soul, Gina aspires to lead others beyond merely surviving to a place where they are SHINING brightly. To reach this place, Gina knows that one must embark on a Journey within, and her signature program to guide others is her "Journey Back To Me". She now offers a Healing Through Grief Retreat to start the Journey Back To Me live and in person with her in Mexico. She guides others on this journey of self-discovery in groups, as a couple or individually. An integral part of this Journey involves removing the wall around clients’ hearts so their emotional wounds can be healed and their Emotional Being can be restored. This is vital during this time of great division and separation within Humanity.​


Life Stories



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