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Start Your Journey Back To Me Today!

I'll Guide You Back to Your True Self and

Lead You From Overwhelm to Balance, Composure & Vitality


In this Program, you will discover 4 Maps in 40 Days to guide you

deep into your inner knowing of your Spirit Soul's purpose.


Stop suffering with Overwhelm and find Balance, Composure & Vitality in 40 Days!

Take the Journey Back To Me to get results now!


Fitness, Health & Vitality

What am I here to Do ?

One problem overwhelmed people have is they are unhappy with their physical fitness, weight, health, energy, motivation, will power, eating habits, or dependency on toxic substances.  They would rather have physical fitness, health, vitality, motivation, personal power, and self control over consuming food, drinks, and substances.  This is why the first Map to guide you from Overwhelm to Composure is my Physical Body Map.  Using it will guide you toward repairing, preparing and energizing your physical body for the Journey Back To Me.


The key to this Map is to start where you are.   We will set a desired outcome for the first 10-day period while we focus on the true needs and desires of your physical body.  I will guide you through motivational techniques that work to get things flowing in to and out of your physical systems to restore balance and vitality.


My Physical Body Map leads to your own internal resources where all the solutions to health, vitality, and well-being exist.  I was able to keep my son alive for 7 years when his prognosis was 2 weeks by taking charge of his physical well-being.  We discovered this Map to our own internal resources and used it to continue our Journey together for many years.  I can now guide you as you embark upon your personal Journey Back To Me by sharing these Maps.


Caring for your health is a proactive choice to nurture your body, and the BEST expert on your own personal physical well-being is yourself.  At any point on this path, you can choose to reconnect with your physical body and learn what it really needs to repair, balance, and energize, and how you can change direction to take another trail along your Journey Back To Me.


The most important secret to get results is to commit to a new relationship with your own physical body which will return your personal power to you.  This involves taking a close look at what a body in balance looks and feels like, and it requires stepping inside yourself to find answers and create solutions as opposed to accepting a prescription to mask or pacify a symptom, or believing a prognosis that erodes your hope.


I would love to support you!  I will guide you along your Journey Back To Me as you step inside your physical body and explore its many wonders.  I know you will quickly begin to see it for the beautiful garment that it is, and start to honor it for housing your trillions of cells that collectively define who you are.  The renewal process can expand rapidly when you focus on your immune system, and start nurturing these vital cells with quality nutrients and stimulating them with physical movement.  I recommend committing to a plant-based detox and cleanse during this first 20 days of your Journey to deepen your relationship with your physical body.


Maps don't have to be complicated to guide you to an intended destiny, and my Physical Body Map is guaranteed to renew your respect and fascination with your own physical being.


Feel Your Feelings Flow

What am I here to Feel ?

Another problem overwhelmed people experience is feeling lost, trapped, or empty.  They have lost control over their emotions, are only feeling negative emotions, or they have lost the ability to feel anything at all.  They would like to be able to respond rather than react to events, circumstances, and situations; they would enjoy some good emotions; and most of all, would benefit from having the flow of feelings return to their energetic body.  This is why the second Map to Guide You from Overwhelm to Composure is the Emotional Body Map.  This Map will guide you toward the exit ramp to get off of the emotional rollercoaster.  Then you can unpack your baggage, and start to feel your feelings flowing through your emotional body as you continue your worthwhile Journey Back To Me.  The key to this Map is to realize that our emotions have not created our problems.  Not FEELING our emotions has.


My Emotional Body Map will guide you into an invisible body that is a very real part of your true being. Every human has a physical body AND an energetic one that includes an emotional body.  Every emotion creates a unique vibrational frequency which is set into motion when evoked.  The moment an emotion is evoked (light or heavy), the brain releases a specific molecule identified with that feeling, and it immediately begins flowing throughout the entire being entering every system.  Much of human suffering is due to heavy emotional energies that have become trapped within our bodies.


We carry around our emotional baggage in the form of trapped emotions. A single trapped emotion can create mental, physical, and emotional problems.  When trapped emotions collect around your heart, your energetic being creates a "heart-wall" to protect itself from deep wounds.  This is a survival instinct that does not serve you well in the long run.  When this occurs, the disconnection from your emotions leads to a separation from others, and more importantly, from your own True Self.


Biofield Tuning and Emotion Code energy clearing systems are simple and powerful ways to find and release these trapped energies, which can result in astonishing and sudden improvements in mental, physical, and emotional wellness.  Releasing any trapped emotion and restoring flow to your body is valuable; however, when those around your heart are removed, it is a profound return to your True Self.  I have fused Emotion Code work with Biofield Tuning Sound therapy to give it a Quantum upgrade!  This powerful combination of modalities works in concert to clear the Emotional Body of frequencies that are not in resonance with our True Self. The side effect of emotional transformation is FREEDOM and a return to our True Highest Self where Love and Joy can be remembered and experienced.

I will guide you along your Journey Back To Me as you step inside your emotional body and discover it's treasures.  Reconnecting with this part of yourself is powerful natural medicine, and once you remember how to respond according to your True feelings about events, situations and circumstances, you will find yourself back in your own heart center where you started your Life Story.


Peace of Mind

What am I here to Think ?

An additional common problem overwhelmed people have is difficulty controlling their negative thinking along with never-ending mind chatter and uncontrollable haunting memories or "what ifs". What they would like to have instead is to be able to think positive thoughts, have peace of mind which involves taming their "monkey mind" and to be free of memories and worst case scenarios that do not serve their Highest Self.

The key to my Mental Body Map is to learn how to transform negative thinking patterns into constructive creative ones. The brain is your "internal operating center" and all thoughts have meaning. When negative thinking becomes a constant pattern, or you cannot stop your mind chatter loop, this takes you down a path that leads to an unpleasant attitude or mood, and also results in behaviors that are not in alignment with your True Highest Self. Changing this endless cycle of self-imposed mental abuse involves learning how to take back your intellectual power. Then you can choose for yourself the thoughts you desire in order to create the ideas, beliefs and behaviors that will ultimately lead you down the path to where you truly want to be.


I would love to support you and co-create with you. My Mental Body Map begins with taking a look at what you're feeding your mind every day. It will guide you toward ideas for transforming negative thoughts into constructive creative thinking patterns. Simple steps down this path can take you from mental turmoil to clarity of mind which will lead to clear solutions. Once the mind is balanced and composed, intellectual power can return to you.


Welcome Love & Joy

What am I here to Be ?

The journey into the Soul Body is one that every human being must take before transforming into Light.  Having a guide and my Soul Body Map will help you to remember who you really are at your very Source, your Spirit Soul, and your True Highest Self. So often overwhelmed people are suffering through feeling lost, trapped or empty because they always show up for everyone else, but neglect themselves.  It's a common belief that A Higher Power will take care of caring people, which is true, but the mistake is in believing the Higher Power is external rather than internal.

When using my Soul Body Map to step inside your own heart center, you will discover the greatest treasure awaiting you. The most important secret to discovering this place within yourself is very simple. It requires a willingness to allow your internal operating system to shift from your head brain to your heart where you can experience a Grateful Connection to self and to all. Once you arrive home in your heart, you will remember why you truly love to care deeply for others, and how natural it feels to give yourself freely in service to others.

The key to my Soul Body Map is understanding that all of your bodies are intimately interconnected. The biggest mistake people make is missing the opportunity to fully integrate the energetic bodies with their physical one during a lifetime. I would love to support you in your Journey Back To Me as you reconnect with the center of your being deep within you. Human beings are meant to experience life from this area of their bodies and my Soul Body Map will guide you back to your own heart center where you can experience Love, Joy, Connection, Serenity, Gratitude and FREEDOM within your Mind, Body & Soul.


Journey Back To Me Group Program Price --  $444

When will YOU decide your self-care is worth $11/day?

Services Given in Program are Valued at $1,122!!

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