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Journey Back To Me Self-Healing Retreat

5-Day Retreat/40-Day Journey

A Retreat Experience as Unique as You Are

Retreats in nature are the best way to start a new chapter in Your Life's Story!  During the Journey Back To Me Retreats, you will be immersed in natural Beauty in an environment deeply connected to GAIA--The Soul of the Earth.  You will be in community at Casa Grace in El Tuito, Mexico with 4-5 other overwhelmed caring people who are also seeking Balance, Composure & Vitality.  Together, we will spend 5 days focused on your Wholistic health and well-being while creating a great beginning to a new chapter in your life which will lead to FREEDOM of Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit.

The Journey Back To Me Retreat is unique in that your Journey will not end when the Retreat does.  With this Program, you will continue to receive Coaching and support from Gina Gayle Gray for a total of 40 days.  You will receive 4 private coaching sessions and also 5 group online sessions where the entire group taking this Journey together will share their experiences and offer support to each other so we all continue along the same pathway to complete the Journey.


All activities will be grounded in movement and inspiration intended to nurture your Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit. All meals, drinks & snacks will be made with nourishing organic REAL foods.   Daily group activities will include guided Yoga, Pranayama, Egyptian XiGong, Gemstone & Crystal Study, Gene Keys Activation Sequence, Hikes in Nature, Foraging, Earthing, Meditation & Mindfulness, and Sun, Moon & Star Gazing!  You will also receive private sessions of Biofield Tuning Energy Clearing, Emotion Code Energy Cleaning, NLP Integrative Natural Health & Nutrition Coaching, & Spirit Card Readings.

Participants will also be able to choose other Speciality Services to add to their Journey Back To Me Retreat experience.  These Services will be an additional cost and may require a minimum number of participants to offer it.

Speciality Services include the following:

Psilocybin Mushroom Ceremony with Michelle Manjarrez

Astrology Readings & Teachings with Erin Waage

CE5 Event & Wim Hof Breathwork with Reuben Langdon

Reiki Energy Clearing, Drum Making, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Cacao Ceremony, Full Moon Ceremony, Mayan Fire Ceremony


Journey Back To Me Self-Healing Retreats at Casa Grace in El Tuito, Mexico

5-Day Retreat/40-Day Journey

Retreats to this Location--Casa Grace--will take place in the beautiful Sierra Madre Mountain Community in El Tuito, Mexico one hour South of Puerto Vallarta.   There is beauty every direction you look from one of many panoramic views of the Valley where El Tuito Town Square can be seen.  There are many areas to explore including hot springs, waterfalls, a bird sanctuary, Botanical Gardens, and pristine beaches only a short drive south.


There are adventure tours available in the area which includes Puerto Vallarta that can be added to your Journey Back To Me Retreat.  They will be customized for each Retreat according to the preference of the majority of attendees.  We will also bring in others who offer Speciality Services for Groups who coordinate and ask for them.  This is how we will make the Journey Back To Me Self-Healing Retreat the most Unique Journey you could ever take.  Just decide you're worth it and get started back to YOU now.

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